Valentine day 2019 for husband

Valentine day on 14 Feb is dedicated to annual celebration of love between couple and life partners. This day provide you an amazing chance to share your love and affection with some one special. On valentine’s day people go for candle light dinner. There is exchange of gifts wrapped beautifully. Some time this day is converted to a serious relationship day which brings an engagement ring. Finding the right message and quotes for your husband and boy friend on valentine’s day is the most loving task and effort is required to do so. If you finding valentine’s quotes for husband, here is a very good collection of valentines day messages for husband.

Happy Valentine’s day Quotes for husband

Every beat of my heart rhythm for you. Every ray of light comes from you. Every breath i take is for you. I love you too much. Happy Valentine’s day

All women wish to have a husband so good and handsome like you. I am lucky i have you. Happy Valentine’s day

The whole day I wish to see you in front of you to kiss you, hug you and cuddle you.

The wonderdul from GOD to me is you. I always thank God to have you. I love you. Happy Valentine’s day

Thank you to stand by me when I need you, Thank you to make me smile when I am sad, Thank you to be with me. I love you. Happy Valentine’s day

Its been a long time since we marry but the love in your heart and eyes get stronger day by day. Happy Valentine’s day

Our love is more than just lust and passion, it is more about care affection and understanding

Valentine’s day wishes for Husband

Most People thing only women wait for love messages, letters and quotes. This is not true, men also do wait to receive valentine’s day messages. There is no need to perplexed about what to send to your husband to show him your love and effection. You dont need to write lenghty poems and speech to make him expressed.

A short quote that conveys how you feel is not a big deal. he will be surely impressed by you. Below are sample short messages but wonderful and romantic written for you husband .

Valentine’s day Messages for husband

The place where i want to stay for ever is your arm, the most secured place in the world. Happy valentine’s day my darling

Life is nothing with out a partner who cares, who loves, who stand by you for ever. The best thing happened to me is finding you as my soul mate. I love you so much. Happy valentine’s day

I hope you love these valentine day wishes for husband and this help you to send your token of romance to reveal your adoration in such a wonderful way.

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