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3 Valentines Day Card Poems

valentines day card poems

  1. My Perfect Valentine
    Observing the stars,
    You came into mind,
    I thought about your love for me,
    It’s so fine.
    Whenever you hug me,
    Whenever you’re there,
    I feel so secure,
    I know you really care.
    At times we’re together,
    Not knowing what to say,
    All we do is hold hands,
    Then our love lights the way.
    There are instances we argue,
    But time’s granted to ponder,
    Then we work things out,
    It makes our love stronger.
    I’ve nothing to worry about,
    Gone are moments, I thought we’d part,
    Thinking of you makes me smile,
    You’ll forever be in my heart.

    By unknown author


  2. My days are filled with yearning;
    My nights are full of dreams.
    I’m always thinking of you;
    I’m in a trance, it seems.
    You’re all I ever wanted;
    I wish you could be mine;
    And so I have to ask you:
    Will you be my Valentine?

    By Joanna Fuchs


  3. You are the one I have been waiting for,
    You have been locked within my soul,
    And now at last I’ve found you,
    Finally I now feel whole,
    Because part of me was missing,
    But now you’re by my side,
    You’re my anchor in the storms of life,
    My mentor and my guide.

    By Janyce Cotterill


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