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3 Valentine Poems For Teachers

valentine poems for teachers

  1. ♥♥Happy Valentine’s Day, Teacher This special day of love Calls for a note of gratitude. And I just want to thank you so For all the things you do. You care for your students (And parents alike). You give all of yourself To us little tykes. It goes not unnoticed Your daily sacrifice. Your costly work is Valued at the greatest price. Happy Valentine’s Day

    By Unknown Author


  2. My test isn’t signed
    Because somehow
    My parents went blind
    Now, don’t say it’s my fault,
    They left their hands in the bank vault.
    Oh teacher, Oh teacher
    Do you know why
    I was born without wings
    And so cannot fly
    Thus I am late
    Didn’t have breakfast,
    So if you don’t mind,
    Pass me a plate.
    Oh teacher, Oh teacher!
    I’ve failed again
    Please don’t scold me,
    Now you’ll see why,
    I was thinking about
    Having an eagle’s brain.

    By Sharmila Saheed


  3. With a special gift for learning
    And with a heart that deeply cares,
    You add a lot of love
    To everything you share,
    And even though
    You mean a lot,
    You’ll never know how much,
    For you helped
    To change the world
    Through every life you touched.
    You sparked the creativity
    In the students whom you taught,
    And helped them strive for goals
    That could not be bought,
    You are such a special teacher
    That no words can truly tell
    However much you’re valued
    For the work you do so well.

    By Unknown Author


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