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3 Valentine Games For Kids

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with our best collection of Valentine’s Day games and activities.We have lots of kids games for Valentine’s Day.The great thing about these valentine party games is that they don’t require you to purchase anything for them.

Valentine’s Day Minute to Win It

valentine games for kids 1

The games include heart stack, candy corn stick up, candy pick up, marshmallow toss, and a heart relay. All you need is some candy a few seconds of set up time.

Heart Counting Game

valentine games for kids 2

Here’s a Valentine’s Day party game that’s not only fun but also educational. Cut some paper hearts in half that has a number on one side and a matching number of objects on the other side. Mix up all the hearts and have the students race to match the hearts back up together again.

Valentine’s Day Bingo Game

valentine games for kids 3

Here’s your traditional bingo game but with themed Valentine’s Day bingo cards to make it an easy and fun valentine games for kids.

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