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Valentine Heart Messages

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A romantic collection of Valentine’s heart  messages for husbands, boyfriends, wives and  I give you my heart and promise to love you forever.I can see you even when my eyes are closed. I can feel our love deep within my heart. I love you with every ounce of my being. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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13 Love Heart Card

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 On Valentine’s Day, a holiday of people who are in love, everyone gives greeting cards to each other. You can choose the love heart card for him/her and express your love, to your loved once.  

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11 Valentine Candy Hearts

Sweethearts (also known as conversation hearts) are small heart-shaped sugar candies sold around Valentine’s Day. Each heart is printed with a message such as “Be Mine”, “Kiss Me”, “Call Me”, “Let’s Get Busy”, and “Miss You”.              

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